XADO Atomex TotalFlush

XADO Atomex TotalFlush

AtomEx TotalFlush
Cleaner engine oil system with effect raskoksovki piston rings. Contains Revitalizant
Cleans up the engine oil system to the level of technical grade
Raskoksovyvaet and restores mobility stuck piston rings
Universal for all types of engines, including turbocharged engines
Thanks Revitalizants provides a reserve engine protection
Changing the oil without pre-wash oil system leads to a deterioration of cleaning and protective properties of the new engine oil, reducing its resource.

Solution: flushing oil system before oil change

Using a non-guaranteed quality of fuel, the engine under severe conditions (commuting short distances, driving in the city in the "start / stop", long periods of engine idling in traffic, the engine overheating) lead to zakoksovke piston rings and reduce their mobility. As a result, the increase in oil consumption, excessive smoke, loss of power.
Solution: paskoksovka piston rings.

Along with the oil overflows leave tiny particles, worn surfaces with engine friction.
Solution: Revitalizant involves worn particles formed in the protective cermet coating.

Due to the special properties of
Safely and thoroughly cleans all types of pollution engine oil system and ensure its technical purity
Release from tar and coke ring and piston groove
Raskoksovyvaet zalegshie compression and oil control rings, recovers their mobility
Cleans the crankcase ventilation system
Eliminates the effect of sticking hydraulic lifters
Universally applicable for gasoline, gas (LPG) and diesel engines, specifically tested for turbocharged engines
Due to revitalizant
Directly during the flushing oil system creates friction on the details of the anti-wear coating
Establishes a provision of protective properties against wear, prevents possible defects on the surfaces of friction with further engine operation
Pour the composition in the oil filler neck idle the engine warmed up to operating temperature.
If heavily soiled motor for deep cleaning of its oil system to the level of technical grade and raskoksovki Rings: drive as usual 150-200 km. With regular use: Let the engine idle for 10-15 minutes or drive 20 km.

The composition is compatible with all types of motor oils, is safe for turbo units.

250 ml cleaner on 4-5 liters of engine oil.

The cylinder 250 ml Art.

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