XADO AtomEx Multi Cleaner (Diesel)

XADO AtomEx Multi Cleaner (Diesel)

AtomEx Multi Cleaner (Diesel)
High-performance fuel system cleaner for diesel engine
Cleans the fuel system to the level of technical grade
Is a valuable alternative to clay pigeon cleaning injectors
Restores the fuel pump
Protects the system
During normal vehicle operation and use of standard fuel in the fuel system are inevitably formed deposits. These deposits reduce the engine output, increase fuel consumption, exhaust emissions increase, increase the risk of detonation and cause vibrations.

Solution: regular cleaning of the fuel system

Accidental ingress of water or contaminated fuel filling can cause damage to the fuel injection pump (jamming). Solution: revitalizant, located in the cleaner, reliable protection for fuel-related equipment, pump plungers and wear.

Due to the special detergent properties, AtomEx Multi Cleaner

Safely and quickly removes all kinds of dirt and deposits
Cleans injectors, intake valves, combustion chamber to the level of technical grade
Restores the power of the engine and its parameters to the nominal
Reduces fuel consumption
Removes water from the fuel system
Reduces the amount of harmful components in the exhaust gases
Due to revitalizant, AtomEx Multi Cleaner:

During the actual work on the fuel system generates its details robust anti-wear coating
Restores fuel pump * to nominal and improves the atomization of the fuel
Protects the plunger of the pump contaminated fuel
Improves reliability and service life of components
* Tested for power system Common Rail (battery type) and Pumpe-Düse (injector)

Pour the cleaner into the fuel tank before refilling

The composition is compatible with all brands of diesel fuel, safe for particulate filters, catalytic converters, valves
It is recommended to use every 5000 km run
250 ml cleaner on 40-60 liters of fuel.

Cylinder 250 ml

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