XADO Revitalizant 1 Stage

XADO Revitalizant 1 Stage

Revitalizant 1 Stage

Revitalizant XADO 1 Stage Engine for innovative third-generation product revitalizants XADO, opening new opportunities for protection and restoration of engine parts. Years of research in the field of tribology and application revitalizants XADO allowed to create a new product with optimal dimension and concentration of activated nanoparticles.

Thanks to new technology to activate the nanoparticles revitalizant 1 Stage, is a catalyst for high-speed modification and self-regulating growth of worn surface. XADO 1 Stage Engine Revitalizant allows processing engine in a single step; universal for gasoline, gas (LPG) and diesel engines. Has prolonged the protective properties and the ability to self-refresh long period.

  • Restores friction surfaces, protects and strengthens engine parts
  • Increases and aligns compression in the cylinders
  • It increases power and engine acceleration
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases the pressure in the engine oil system to the nominal 
  • Increases component life by 2-3 times
  • Protects against the negative effects of cold start
  • Reduces noise and vibration



  • Make the composition into the oil hole engine warmed up to operating temperature. Start the engine and let it idle for 3-5 minutes


  • Engine Revitalizant XADO 1 Stage, effective for gasoline, gas (LPG) and diesel engines of passenger cars and small trucks with oil system capacity up to 10 l
  • The treatment is completed in no less than 1,500 kilometers
  • Oil up to the end of treatment did not change
  • The composition is compatible with all types of motor oils not change their viscosity and other physical and chemical properties and performance
  • For heavily worn engines may require a second application


  • 27 ml tube in a blister pack and box


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