VERYLUBE Radiator Flush

VERYLUBE Radiator Flush

Quickly cleans the cooling system
Removes scale, rust and dirt
Creates a protective anti-corrosion film on the details of the cooling system
In operation of the cooling system with its details deposits form over time, which reduces the heat transfer from the engine. For efficient cooling of the engine is recommended washing its cooling system every time you change the coolant.

Quickly (10 minutes!) Dissolves fat, dirt and rust that has accumulated in the radiator and cooling system
Neutralize the acids formed, protects against corrosion
Increases the efficiency of the engine cooling
Does not require subsequent neutralization, completely safe to use
Neutral with respect to all types of structural materials of the cooling system: alloys (including aluminum), plastic materials and sealants

Surfaktany, neutral, acid, corrosion inhibitors, additives in water.


250 ml. cleaner at 10-12 liters. coolant.


Warm up the engine to operating temperature, the engine should be warm but not hot. Pour into the tank vehicle radiator with the engine off. Start the engine and let it idle for 10 minutes. when the passenger compartment heating.

Rinse the cooling system for this:

stop the engine
Drain the old coolant
Fill the cooling system with water and ensure that the engine at idle for 2-3 minutes
Stop the engine and drain the water from the system and refill with new coolant.

Warm engine antifreeze in the cooling system is under pressure. Be careful when opening the radiator cap, from under it can escape the hot vapor or liquid.

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