Particulate filter PROTECTION

Particulate filter PROTECTION

Particulate filter PROTECTION

Prevents clogging of the particulate filter when filling with low-quality fuel.

When using low-quality or contaminated fuel, its combustion products form deposits inside the particulate filter. On accumulating of these deposits the operating efficiency of the particulate filter lowers and the possibility of its complete breakdown (clogging) increses.

·         Neutralizes the consequences of application of low-quality fuel.

·         Provides improved fuel combustion, increses cetane rating of the fuel as well as engine power.

·         Comprehensively cleans the fuel system and cumbustion chamber from all kind of contaminations and deposits.


Application instruction: Pour the cleaner into the neck of the fuel tank before fueling.

Dosage: 1 bottle (250ml) of the product for 40-60 L of fuel.



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