XADO Atomex Complex Oil Treatment

XADO Atomex Complex Oil Treatment

Complex Oil Treatment - antismoke additives with revitalizant

Reductant oil pressure. 

Fully synthetic product, which is a polymeric thickener increases the viscosity of the oil. 

Contains revitalizant. Provides a reserve engine protection.

Increases the pressure in the lubrication system
Reduces oil consumption and engine dymlenie
Increases the viscosity of the oil
Effective for internal combustion engines with a high degree of wear
Safe for turbo units
Revitalizant part of the means to prevent further deterioration of the engine and allow it to operate safely to the planned overhaul
Problem: increased gaps in the cylinder-piston group and loss of elasticity of the valve stem seals will lead to more oil consumption, smoke or soot formation on the walls of the combustion chamber of the engine.

Solution: use a special smoke suppressant additives. Additive increases the viscosity of engine oil seals the gaps, thereby eliminates exhaust smoke and reduce oil consumption.

Problem: Excessive bearing crankshaft and camshaft, due to wear, leading to a drop in pressure in the lubrication system and eventually damage the engine.

Solution: Use a means of improving oil viscosity. Additive seals the bearing clearance and eliminates the problems associated with their wear.


Means, warmed to a temperature of +25 ... +30 ° C, pour in the oil filler neck of the engine warmed up to operating temperature 
Let the engine idle for 2-3 minutes. 
Run the car in normal mode 

Tool is compatible with all types of motor oils 
Used in both petrol and diesel engines 
Recommended single use funds for the entire span of the oil 

1 bottle (250 ml) of 4-5 l. oil.

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