XADO Revitalizant ЕХ120 MOTO

XADO Revitalizant ЕХ120 MOTO



Revitalizant ЕХ120 MOTO

Designed to protect against wear and restoring repair of motor vehicles engines of up to 1,000 cm ³ with separate or mixed lubrication system.

Used for motorcycles, mopeds , snowmobiles , motorcycles and household water , lawn mowers , chain saws , etc.

Thanks to a 20% * more of the active substance has more headroom to restore worn surfaces and to protect them from wear.
* in relation to the product HADO gel revitalizant for household and motor vehicles .

Restores surface cylinder engine removes scuffs and scratches
Increases and aligns compression in the cylinders
Protects friction parts from wear
Significantly reduces fuel consumption
Restores engine power to the passport data
Increases engine life of up to 3 times
Reduces the amount of harmful emissions
Reduces noise and vibration
Procedure for use in engines with mixed lubrication system :
* Make the contents of the syringe into the fuel tank before refilling
Completely fill the tank with fuel
Start the engine and let it idle for 2-3 minutes
Operate in normal mode
* Previously recommended contents of the syringe to dissolve in a small amount of oil (20-30 ml) at its boiling above +20 ° C

Procedure for use in engines with separate lubrication system :
Warm up the engine to operating temperature
Make the contents of the syringe into the oil hole
Start the engine and let it idle for 2-3 minutes
Operate in normal mode
The composition is equally effective for use in 2- wire and 4 -stroke internal combustion engines of all makes.
It has no effect on the wet clutch .
The 4- stroke engine oil up to the end of the treatment is not recommended to change .
The treatment is considered complete when the run is not less than 1500 km or 20 hours of engine operation .
With the volume of the engine above 1000 cm ³ need to double the dose .
Revitalizant compatible with any additives , additives , air conditioning, metal , etc. remetallizantami regardless of the sequence of application.
Cermet protective coating is formed on the metallic surface made ​​from any alloy . If the wear is close to 100 % replace damaged parts.

Syringe Applicator 4,0 ml.

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