DOT-4 - Synthetic brake fluid

DOT-4 - Synthetic brake fluid
The product contains Revitalizant ® 

DOT-4 - Synthetic brake fluid

Synthetic brake fluid

Compatible DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1. Exceeds the requirements of the American standard DOT 4 and specifications of leading automakers (BMW, VW, MAN) to the brake fluid for cars and trucks.

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Used in the brake systems of vehicles equipped with disc or drum brakes, including anti-lock (ABS) and traction control (ASR) systems, hydraulic coupling systems.

Made on the basis of special esters and low molecular weight polymers doped with an additive package. Contains revitalizant.


  • Provides a safe and reliable operation of all types of brake systems
  • Guarantees perfect operation of the brake system 2.5 years (~ 125 000 km)
  • Remains incompressible in the most severe operating conditions (at long and intense heat in braking) Instantly driver transmits the force from the brake pedal to the brake pads system
  • Has a high temperature "wet" boiling point (over 170 0C), thereby preventing the "failure of brakes"
  • Provides fast heat dissipation from the braking system, and prevents overheating the brakes
  • Due to its low viscosity at low temperatures ensures excellent performance characteristics at cold conditions (below - 50 0C)
  • Prevents the formation of deposits and keeps the brake system in a perfect cleanliness
  • Fully compatible with all types of metals, alloys, sealing materials and pipelines used in vehicle brake systems
  • Due to revitalizant protects the rubbing surfaces from corrosion and appearance of burrs, thus ensuring smooth operation of the brakes without shimming and seizing

Why XADO DOT 4 contains revitalizant

Revitalizant in XADO DOT 4 poses on the wall surfaces and the main piston and working cylinder brake (clutch) with very smooth (Ra <0,06) coating with high corrosion protection. So eliminated possibility of burrs and corrosion. Reliability and smooth operation of the brake system increases. Even with high moisture content in XADO DOT 4 brake sticking risk is reduced by 2-2.5 times compared with the liquid without revitalizant.

Why change the brake fluid

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, ie it is able to absorb moisture.

New brake fluid has a very high (more than 260 0C) and boiling point is incompressible even under intense heat brakes during braking. It instantly transmits the force from the brake pedal the driver to the pads of the brake system. Over time, penetrating through the microscopic pores in the hoses and seals, brake fluid accumulates moisture, which reduces its boiling point. Brake pad Overheating can cause boiling of the liquid. Vapor formed during boiling gas air bubbles. Fluid becomes compressible. The transmission of force to the pedal does not happen immediately, the driver feels the failure of the brakes.

With hygroscopic liquid can cause the risk of jamming the brakes. Accumulating moisture has corrosive effects on materials of cylinders and pistons. The resulting corrosion products may disrupt the smooth operation of the braking system and brake sticking.

Boundary is wet boiling temperature of 160 0C.

2-2.5 years of operation fluid should be changed.


Those. information

  • Recommended for use in vehicles where the manufacturer prescribed use of fluids DOT 3 or DOT 4
  • Mixed with conventional brake fluids (liquid transparent golden color DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1)
  • Not recommended for use in brake system with a liquid mineral-based (green, LHM) or silicone brake fluid (purple, DOT 5)

Requirements and tolerances

FMVSS 116 DOT 4SAE J 1703
ISO 4925BMW 9368
VW 3057MAN TUC v3681


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