Universal lithium grease

Universal lithium grease

Universal lithium grease

Universal grease with the formula EP (Extreme Pressure).

It is used to lubricate and protect joints and connections operating at high thermal and mechanical loads. Used for lubrication of rolling and sliding various parts and mechanisms.

Due to the complex EP (Extreme Pressure) protects against the destructive mechanisms of wear under conditions where the use of conventional lithium greases is unacceptable.

  • It has high mechanical and chemical stability and saves wear and protective properties even after prolonged mechanical and thermal loads.
  • Due to the strong adhesive remains on the lubricated surfaces even under vibration and high rotation speeds.
  • Water-resistant and can be used in the nodes operating in contact with the water.
  • It forms a good seal, preventing contamination of the node (bearing).



  • When using the filler grease gun.
  • Add the grease in the assembly through the grease fitting until it appears from the gaps lubricated connections.
  • Manual application. Grease and fill half of bearing volume (unit) Eliminate the old grease.


  • compatible with all types of automotive and industrial lithium greases are mixed with them in any mixing ratio;
  • applied to nodes with a speed of up to 10 000 r / min.

Technical information:

  • Color, visual - light brown
  • Class of consistency on NLGI - 2
  • Penetration, 1 x 10 mm - 280
  • Dropping Point, ° C -> 180
  • Structure - of medium

Working temperature:

  • long, ° C - <130
  • briefly, ° C - <150
  • Weld, H, -> 3000
  • Wear index, mm - <0.5


  • 5 ml - pack of cellophane foil (Art. XB 30150);
  • 125 ml - plastic tube (Art. XB 30250);
  • 450 ml - for filling the syringe cartridge (Art. XB 30050)

Requirements and tolerances:

NLGI 2 (ASTM D217)ISO-L-XBCEB 2 (ISO 6743-9)
KP2K-20 (DIN 51502)


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