Antifreeze Green 11

Antifreeze Green 11
The product contains Revitalizant ®   The product is officially launched TecDoc

Antifreeze Green 11

Concentrate liquid cooling system

It exceeds the requirements for coolants for engines of cars and trucks VW, MB, BMW, Opel, MAN, Volvo and other automakers. Specially colored green. Made based on monoethylene glycol and high corrosion inhibitors. Contains revitalizant.

Bezurechnuyu ensures the cooling system for 3.5 years (175,000 kilometers).

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  • Designed for reliable operation of engine cooling systems of modern cars, used on the warranty and after-warranty service
  • Guaranteed excellent job 3.5 years (175 000 km)
  • Provides optimal thermal conditions of the engine under all operating conditions, including at high loads (cargo, extreme driving)
  • It has a significant reserve of anti-corrosion protection
  • Prevents the formation of deposits and keeps the cooling system in a perfect cleanliness
  • Absolutely safe for aluminum and alloys, plastics and rubber, does not attack on the plastic and paint of your vehicle
  • Allows the use of tap water for the preparation of the coolant
  • Due to revitalizant protects pump bearing cooling system by sudden damage or wear of the seal

Why XADO Antifreeze Green 11 has revitalizant

The most important and expensive unit cooling system - pump. The pump circulates coolant through pipelines and canals. "Weakest" of a pump is its bearing. From the coolant is protected with sealing gasket (seal). When tightness seal into the bearing gets antifreeze and disables the pump.

Revitalizant in XADO Antifreeze Green 11, helps to protect the pump and make it work in an emergency up to two times longer than without revitalization.


Tech. information

Compatible and miscible with conventional automotive fluids (blue, green and yellow color) based on ethylene

Concentrate XADO Antifreeze Green 11 before application must be diluted with distilled or tap water.

The ratio XADO Antifreeze Green 11 / water depends on the minimum operating temperature of the vehicle.

The ratio XADO Antifreeze Green 11 - Water for coolant

XADO Antifreeze Green 11WaterTemperature, C
Part 1 (33%)2 parts (67%)- 17
Part 1 (50%)Part 1 (50%)- 36
2 parts (67%)Part 1 (33%)- 64


  • When the engine coolant from the water gradually evaporates and increases the concentration of antifreeze. Therefore, to maintain the coolant level is necessary to add water
  • By a leak from the cooling system to refill with water diluted antifreeze

Requirements and tolerances

VW TL-VW 774 C (G11)MB 325.0
BMW N 600 69.0Opel / GM B 040 0240
SAAB 6901 599Porsche
MAN 324Renault Type D
VolvoScania TB1451
MTU MTL 5048ASTM D 3306 (USA)
SAE J 1034 (USA)BUNDESWEHR TK-BA2-3-6580-008
French ArmySwedish Army

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