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An integrated fuel system cleaner

A high-speed tool for cleaning the fuel systems of gasoline engines

Dissolved coke, varnish and dirt are displayed along with the burned fuel

With continued use support fuel system parts meticulously clean, protect them from corrosion



  • Quickly cleans the fuel system from varnish and coke
  • Removes water from the fuel
  • Increases the engine power to the factory default settings
  • Stabilizes the nozzles and jets
  • Cleans candles and valves
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Protects the fuel system parts from corrosion

Mode of application

  •  Squeeze out the contents of the tube into the fuel tank
  •  Fill the car following the dosage
  •  Run the car in normal mode 


  • Repair dosage - 1 tube for 20 liters of petrol (once)
  • Prevention - 1 tube for 50 l (at each refueling)


  •  Avoid getting on coatings 
  •  cleaner is safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, rubber products, in diluted form - for plastic parts 

Expert's Advice

To avoid getting on the vehicle paintwork, before refueling squeeze the contents of the tube into the pump nozzle



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