Gel revitalizant for rifle barrels

Gel revitalizant for rifle barrels
The product contains Revitalizant ®

Gel revitalizant for rifle barrels

Designed for restoring repair and protection from wear surface bores of all kinds of rifles.

As a result of the use of the gel is the process of restoring the geometry of the barrel.

In a short time you get a weapon with an extended high-end resource.



Test Results "Rzhevka"

Naturally, the unique opportunity to improve the quality of fire could not be interested professionals. Certification testing laboratory handguns "Rzhevka" for B / W 33491 together with the editorial board of the journal "Kalashnikov. Weapons. Ammunition. Equipment" conducted extensive testing of revitalization. effect of examined on different weapon - the new and the waste of resources, chrome and chrome plated barrel.

During the tests, in order to reduce individual errors pickup all shooting was done by one highly skilled marksman. Shooting weapons each sample was carried out in a single day (except for shooting in three months after treatment bores gel HADO) Shooting on the characterization of dispersion of bullets fired from SVD and "Tigers" were made with the standard optical sight, out of SKSov, M16A1, KO- 38 with mechanical sights on the shield, installed at a distance of 100 meters

Each condition was performed on three groups of 10 shots each. Lifetime tests of SCS of 200 shots were made with the usual mixture of ammunition and tracer (T-45) bullets at a ratio of 4:1. Of test report: "Revitalizant HADO for barrels of rifles has a pronounced repair-reducing properties for improving the characteristics of the spread of impacts of both new and has not attained the ultimate state of the resource trunk sporting and hunting weapons."


  • Increases the accuracy of hits on the target 100 m up to 80%
  • Increases the flatness of shots
  • Increases abrasion resistance and survivability of the barrel 10 times
  • The maximum killing power for this type of ammunition
  • Restores and protects against wear surface of the barrel
  • Restores geometry of the barrel (complete obturation)


The order of application

Processing is carried out in three stages. For each stage, apply the gel corresponding to the color-coded!

1st stage (10 shots)

  • Brushes apply the gel in red on the inside surface of the barrel
  • Apply the gel to the surface of the sleeve extending from the bullet
  • Make a shot
  • Produce at least another nine shots, repeating steps 1 and 2

Stage 2 (10 shots)

  • Produce at least 10 shots, pre-treating the barrel and the bullet yellow gel

3rd stage (10 shots)

  • Make at least 10 shots from the green gel


  • New trunks to handle the 10th shot using green gel
  • For the prevention of reduced trunks recommended 1 times a year to make 10 shots from the use of green gel or after every 10 thousand shots



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