XADO Maximum Transmission with Revitalizant

XADO Maximum Transmission with  Revitalizant
The product contains Revitalizant ®  

AMC Maximum Transmission

Atomic metal conditioner with revitalizant 1 Stage (RF 100)

Designed for restoring repair of units of mechanical transmission and active wear protection directly in the operation of the vehicle.

The innovative 2-component product of a new generation, combining the advantages of complex metal conditioner and revitalizant third generation.


  • Restores the surface of parts and compensates current wear
  • Eliminates the pits and scratches on the working surfaces
  • Optimizes the contact patch meshed gears
  • Reduces noise and vibration nodes
  • Improves the lubricating properties of the oil and tribological properties of interfaces
  • Improves the functioning of synchronizers for sharp shift
  • Provides significant fuel savings (especially to AWD)
  • If oil leakage can operate long transmission units (up to 1000 km)
  • Universally applicable for mechanical, robotic, sequential gear box changes, including the Direct Shift (direct shift gearbox), transfer cases and axles (differentials)
  • Ensures protection against wear of transmission parts for 100 000 km



The contents of the syringe into the oil to make (neck of) the hole transmission, transfer box or axle gear, warm up to operating temperature. Drive for 3 - 5 minutes (to dissolve the composition in oil). In the future, to maintain the car in normal mode.


It is not recommended to use metal conditioner XADO Maximum transmission in units and units of mechanical transmission with parts from 100% wear macromechanical injuries (eg broken teeth).

Compatible with all types of oil for mechanical transmissions.

Revitalization occurs within 1,000 km, in this period to carry out an oil change is not recommended.

Repeated application of metal conditioner XADO Maximum transmission is recommended after 100 thousand kilometers.


One package XADO Maximum transmission (30 ml) for the unit with the volume of oil transmission system up to 4 liters.

Additional markings

RF = 100

RF (Revitalization factor) - indicator of the effectiveness of the restoration and protection of the transmission mechanism of wear.

RF = 100, indicates that the product has the highest possible recovery and repair properties. As a result, use of the product node transmission was complete revitalization cycle, it is fully restored and guaranteed protected from wear by 100 thousand kilometers.


Syringe 30ml

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