XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck for power steering and hydraulic equipment 5L

XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck for power steering and hydraulic equipment 5L
  • Increases pump performance
  • Reduces the force on the steering wheel
  • Eliminates pump howling caused by wear
  • Improves accuracy of power steering within 50-100 km after application
  • Reduces noise and vibration pump hydraulic
  • Increases the operating pressure of the hydraulic system
  • Protects against wear low oil level


The volume of l.3-55-1010-15
Number of syringes 30 ml volume.123
The processing circuitOnce



Machining assembly with a volume of 3-5 liters hydraulic system.

  • * Contents of the syringe to make a warm up to operating temperature, the liquid in the reservoir for power steering
  • When the engine is in 2-3 minutes after adding the revitalizant, turn the steering wheel for 5 minutes
  • Run the car in normal mode. The treatment is completed after 50 hours of the mechanism (1500 kilometers)

* It is recommended to dissolve the contents of the syringe a small amount (~ 150 ml), the hydraulic fluid is used at temperatures below +35 ° C. If the fluid in the reservoir for power steering contaminated (opaque, changed the original color, etc.), it should be replaced before using the hydraulic fluid.


A characteristic feature of the beginning of revitalization is improvement in the steering mechanism (reduction efforts on the handlebars of clarity, noise reduction) from the first kilometers.


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