XADO Atomex Stop Leak Radiator

XADO Atomex Stop Leak Radiator

Additive in the cooling system.

Highly effective means of last generation to eliminate leaks in the cooling system of engines of all types.

Completely eliminates leaks permanently and reliably seals the cracks and minor damage in pipelines joints.

Eliminates cylinder gaskets, etc

Stops leaks in the engine cooling system
Effectively seals cracks and damage of up to 0,9 mm.
Does not contain acids, non-toxic
Neutral with respect to content of parts of the cooling system (Seals, rubber hoses, plastic and steel radiators)
Eliminates the need for expensive repairs
Universal application for gasoline and diesel vehicles and other equipment
Protects the cooling system from rust and corrosion for long term
Operation with a leak in the cooling system reduces the level of coolant, causing the engine to overheat and require costly repairs.

Solution: timely use of funds to eliminate the leak will help eliminate leakage and resume reliable operation of the engine cooling system.


On the hot engine cooling system antifreeze is pressurized. Be careful when opening the radiator cap, it can break out of steam or hot liquid.


Allow the engine to reach operating temperature, the engine should be warm but not hot
Shake bottle! Pour in the radiator tank means engine stopped
Start the engine and let it idle for 5-10 minutes. when the passenger compartment heating
To avoid possible leaks in the cooling system can be used immediately after replacing the coolant

Tool is compatible with all types of liquids used in cooling systems of cars.


1 bottle (250 ml.) Funds for 10-12 liters. Coolant.

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