XADO Revitalizant EX120 for manual gearboxes and gearboxes

XADO Revitalizant EX120 for manual gearboxes and gearboxes

Revitalizant EX120 for manual gearboxes and gearboxes

Enhanced revitalizant

Designed to protect against wear and restoring repair of units of mechanical transmission.

Thanks to a 20% * more of the active substance has more headroom to restore worn surfaces and to protect them from wear.

* In relation to the product HADO gel revitalizant for gearboxes and reducers.

During processing units mechanical transmission formed on the surface of its gears, shafts, bearings, and other synchronizers cermet coating metal parts. As a result of recovering the geometry of parts.

Revitalizant universal for mechanical, robotic, sequential, including the Direct Shift changes gear boxes, transfer boxes, axles (differentials).


  • Eliminates the pits and scratches on the working surfaces
  • Optimizes the contact patch in the gearing
  • Provides significant fuel savings (especially to AWD)
  • Reduces noise and vibration nodes of 10
  • Sharpens shift
  • Improves the clarity of the synchronizers
  • If oil leakage allows long-term (up to 1000 kilometers) is safe to operate transmission units


The order of application

The contents of the syringe into the oil to make (neck of) the hole transmission, transfer box or axle gear (see table).


The volume of the oil system, l1-22-55-8
The number of syringes (8 mL), pcs.123
Treatment schemeOne time onlyOne time onlyOne time only



Revitalization is completed after 50 hours of the mechanism (1500 kilometers).

A characteristic feature of the beginning of revitalization is to reduce the noise in the mechanism from the first kilometers after treatment. If the improvement of the mechanism at some point stopped, it may indicate excessive wear it - it is necessary to double the recommended dosage. If after 100-200 km run improvement in the mechanism occur, the most likely cause is a faulty diagnosis.

Revitalizant is compatible with all types of oil for mechanical transmissions. Does not come with them into chemical reactions and do not change their viscosity, and other physical and chemical properties.

Protective cermet coating is formed on any working mechanism, however, if the unit is in a critical state (100% wear), it is necessary to replace the damaged parts.


Syringe Applicator, 8 ml



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