Raskoksovka piston rings

  •   fast source for raskoksovki stuck piston rings of gasoline and diesel engines
  •   removes all soot and tar contamination from the cavities of the cylinder group
  •   after the application does not require replacement of engine oil
  • Restores mobility of the Rings
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Cleans cylinders and pistons, combustion chambers, valves of all types of pollution (soot, coke, varnishes, resins)
  • Aligns the compression in the cylinders
  • Reduces the noise of the engine
  • Removes deposits from the spark plugs (incandescent)
  • Reduces the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere

Mode of application

Step 1: Warm up the engine. The engine should be warm but not hot

Step 2: Remove the plugs (burners). Disconnect the connector of ignition distributor, the Hall sensor or switch

3rd stage: Add the contents of one tube in turn into each cylinder. Screw the plugs back. Podozhdat10-20 min. Remove the spark. Cover the spark plug hole absorbing fabric that takes off any dirt from the paint. To turn the engine starter for several seconds

Step 4: Install the plug (jets) in place

Step 5: Start the engine and its performance at high engine speeds of up to 15 minutes. During this time, the remains of the softened carbon will be removed through the exhaust system


1 tube - 1 cylinder


  • Avoid getting on coatings
  • Safe for catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, rubber parts and seals

It can be used for flushing the engine oil system:

  • To contribute to the warm engine oil filler neck at the rate of 40 ml of 3-5 liters of oil
  • Let the engine idle for 10-15 minutes
  • Change the oil and oil filter


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